AI Enters the YouTube Workflow ⏩

What you need to know from the platform’s Made On YouTube event

Welcome back. LimeWire, a platform once infamous for music piracy in the early 2000s, has rebranded as a creator content studio. This week it announced the acquisition of BlueWillow (a Midjourney competitor that specializes in AI image creation) which may give us a new reason to visit the site. Hey, if early 2000s trends like cargo pants can make a comeback, why can’t LimeWire?

YouTube Doubles Down on AI

YouTube announces new features Dream Screen (left) and YouTube Create (right) / YouTube

YouTube announced several generative AI tools and a new app for creators at its annual Made On YouTube event yesterday.

The top features, rolling out this year and early 2024:

  • Dream Screen, a feature that will use text prompts to create AI-generated videos and photos—creators can then put them in the background of Shorts.

  • Automatic dubbing that will quickly help creators dub videos in different languages.

  • AI-powered insights within YouTube Studio that can generate topic ideas and outlines for potential videos.

  • Music recommendations that will suggest audio to use based on a text description of a creator’s video.

  • YouTube Create, a new app (similar to TikTok's Capcut) that will allow Shorts creators to edit videos directly from their phones. It’s currently available on Android and plans to release on iOS next year.

According to YouTube, AI suggestions will be personalized to the creator and informed by what’s already trending with audiences.

Zoom out: YouTube’s new features get them ahead of industry competition within the AI space, while a focus on Shorts lowers the barrier to entry for creators to share content.

These tools could dramatically impact how creators produce and share their videos, making AI all the more ubiquitous. Some platforms are still reckoning with the disclosure of AI content, like TikTok, which recently put labels in place that notify viewers when a video uses AI-generated content.

FYI: Colin and Samir attended the Made On YouTube event and are hosting a live Q&A with the company’s creator liaison, Rene Ritchie, in the Discord today—attend the event here.

Comedy Creator Debuts Netflix Special at No. 1

Kountry Wayne debuts his stand-up special on Netflix / Netlfix

Comedy creator DeWayne “Kountry Wayne” Colley debuted his first-ever stand-up special, A Woman’s Prayer, on Netflix this Tuesday—and it opened as the platform’s No. 1 TV show in the U.S., Colley wrote on Instagram.

Who is Kountry Wayne? The comedian first broke out on Facebook and Vine in 2014 for his viral, situational sketches.

As Colley grew his online presence to over 13 million followers, he made guest appearances in movies and shows like MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and became “one of the most in-demand touring comedians in the country,” Deadline wrote.

Zoom out: Individuals like Colley provide a roadmap for building a highly-successful business in the comedy niche—he’s shared in interviews that he makes over $300,000 a month from his online skits.

However, doing a Netflix special still holds a lot of value past the money or numbers, as fellow comedy creator Andrew Schulz explained to Colin and Samir. “I understood that the cosign from Netflix could change the perception of everything we do,” Schulz said in 2022.

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A digital product is one way many creators expand revenue beyond ads and brand deals. Imagine building something once that you can sell forever.

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Multi-Currency Ecommerce for Creators, Compared

Fourthwall adds multi-currency support / Fourthwall

Creator shop and membership platform Fourthwall rolled out multi-currency support on Thursday, allowing creators’ international fans to shop products in their local currency.

Context: Multi-currency has become an increasingly important addition to ecommerce platforms as creators continue to grow global audiences.

How Fourthwall’s new features stack up against its competitors 👇

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