Apple Wants In

The tech giant is courting creators but they may be asking for too much

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In Today’s Issue:

  • Why Apple & Spotify Are Investing in the World of Creator Podcasts

  • Why 100 Thieves Put On the World’s Most Expensive Game of Uno

  • Why Creator+ Raised Millions to Put Creators on the Big Screen

Apple Comes For Patreon 

Apple announces paid subscriptions for podcasters

Source: Apple

Creators can now use Apple Podcasts to host pay-walled content, with Apple taking a 30% cut of the revenue in the first year, and 15% every year after. The podcast OG, Apple isn’t the only one chasing a cut of the audio market, with Spotify announcing their own paid subscription and a revamp of their Podcast Top Charts earlier this year. 

So why are Apple and Spotify now giving creators a cut?

  • Creators Are Taking Over → Spotify’s Podcast Charts are swarmed with creators, including Logan Paul and Emma Chamberlain. Over 20% of Spotify’s Top 50 Podcasts have the name of their creator in the title of the show. Audio platforms need to invest in new ways to keep high-impact talent on the platform or risk them taking their shows (and subscribers) elsewhere.

  • They Want A Piece of the Pie → Cody Ko’s Tiny Meat Gang pulls in $85K a month on Patreon. Comedian Tim Dillion is making $125K. Spotify and Apple, who distribute these shows, want in on that action effectively cutting Patreon out of the equation.

Our Take

Creators have been more than willing to give Patreon up to 12% of their revenue to unlock podcasting’s low-lift, high-margin benefits. While Apple and Spotify’s distribution and consumer credit card info promises an even bigger boost, it remains to be seen if the company’s 30% take might dissuade creators from going all-in with their favorite podcast distributors. 

100 Thieves Cashes In 

100 Thieves gave away $450,000 to launch a credit card with Cash App

Source: 100 Thieves

Earlier this week, esports creator collective 100 Thieves hosted the “Cash App Pay Day”, an all-day event that included live podcasts, giveaways, and an Uno Tournament with $350k in prizes. The event was an opportunity for the collective to showcase new talent, create new videos, and announce sponsorships with key partners. There was no shortage of big-name creators in attendance, including the company’s own creator/owner Valkyrae, TikTok’s Bella Poarch, and Twitch’s Ludwig Ahgren.  

The result? The Thieves made out like bandits:

  • 1 + 1 = 3 →The event averaged nearly 50,000 concurrent viewers across a nearly 8 hour stream.  The successful watch time hinged on one thing: collabs. The talent line-up at the event had a huge and diverse reach, with a combined 25M followers on Twitter alone.

  • Spend Money to Make Money → The team gave out nearly $100K in Bitcoin throughout the day to viewers. This helped keep fans glued to the screen when the org announced its new partnership with CashApp - a digital branded debit card that donates 20% of its purchase price to charity. With that card, the Thieves can understand where their fans are spending their money 

Our Take

100 Thieves’s partnership with CashApp is the gold standard for creator-brand relationships. CashApp’s high-profile role as the company’s #1 financial backer creates a win-win for the brand and its fans - 100 Thieves gets to fund their wildest ideas, and fans get the opportunity to make money by watching content.    

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Your favorite creator, coming soon to a theater near you

Source: Creator+

Earlier this week Creator+, a start-up focused on bringing content creators to the big screen, announced a $12 million funding round. The co-founders behind the company have spent tons of time in the space - leading teams focused on Top Creators at platforms like YouTube and Crackle. The company is slated to premiere six projects in 2022 and has brought on a team with credits at the likes of Sundance and Amazon Films.  

Companies like Quibi and IGTV have repeatedly missed on turning digital creators into big-time stars, so what could give Creator+ a chance at sinking the shot? 

  • The Timing is Right → Agencies like CAA & United Talent Agency are investing in the creator space. Netflix has signed deals with the Hype House and Addison Rae is starting in a He’s All That reboot. Fans are getting more comfortable with the idea of seeing their favorite creators on the big screen.

  • No Shortage of Talent → YouTube and specifically TikTok are already making movie stars with built-in audiences. Why grab someone out of obscurity when you can cast someone that is guaranteed to fill the seats. 

Our Take

As the gap between old school and new school entertainment shrinks, the idea of going from social media star to international celebrity eventually won’t feel like news. Studios place big bets when they spend to make a film, casting someone with a built-in audience like Addison Rae makes that bet a lot safer. 

🔥 In Other News

  • Charli + Dixie D’Amelio have teamed up with Simmons to drop a mattress collab

  • Old school YouTuber Kassem G landed a new co-host gig with the soon to relaunch G4 network

  • YouTube engineer Mark Rober is partnering with late night host Jimmy Kimmel to host a live stream fundraiser for charity 

  • TikTok’s HypeHouse is getting a reality show of its own on Netflix

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