ChatGPT Just Got More Talkative 🤖

OpenAI releases the latest version of its flagship chatbot

Good morning. A year after quitting YouTube, Anthony Potero (aka Anthpo) is back with a promise to upload once a month. To keep momentum, Anthpo promised to do whatever the top comment on his debut video suggests two years from now on May 14, 2026. The winner so far? “Legally marry me.” Good luck, Anthpo.

OpenAI’s New ChatGPT Release: What to Know

(Left to right) OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati and research leads Mark Chen and Barret Zoph demo real-time conversational speech with GPT-4o / OpenAI

OpenAI announced GPT-4o, the latest version of the generative AI company’s flagship Chat-GPT product, during a livestream demo on Monday.

The new version “improves on its capabilities across text, video, and audio,” OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said.

Here are the highlights for creators:

  • The new chatbot works across 50 supported languages. This means creators can easily translate a project within the app (like a rough cut of a video script) between, say, English and Italian.

  • “Builders” have created over a million custom GPTs. This group includes educational creators Khan Academy, who built an AI teaching assistant (which sells for $4 a month). “University professors can create content for their students, or podcasters can create content for their listeners,” Murati said.

  • A desktop version of ChatGPT is speeding up workflows. It's available for paid customers on MacOS, and users are already giving the new interface positive reviews.

Zoom out: Technology companies including OpenAI and Google are racing to ship useful generative AI tools for creators. For example? At Google’s I/O developer conference yesterday, YouTube announced AI-generated quizzes that allow viewers to test their knowledge after watching an educational creator’s video.

How This Education Creator 2x’d Her Brand Sponsorships

YouTube education creator shares how she’s monetized her new channel and landed her first five-figure brand deal / Aprilynne Alter

YouTube education creator Aprilynne Alter recently shared that she secured her first five-figure brand deal—the second sponsorship ever for her channel. She told us more about her growth strategy →

Background: Alter has spent the last year building her self-titled channel to over 45,000 subscribers and 1.5 million views. She previously had a 22K-subscriber NFT channel, but brand deals there maxed out at $2,000. The size of Alter’s brand deals have more than doubled on her education channel.

“I’m much more confident in the value I provide, and more willing to say no, and I think those things have let me negotiate up,” Alter told us. Some of her tips for monetizing a newer channel?

Get specific. “I’m not serving creators who are using YouTube as another business stream…I’m appealing to the more emotional side of the YouTube education sphere,” Alter said. That specificity has attracted brand partners looking for niche placements.

Get diversified. Alter said it’s easier to say no to brands that aren’t a good fit given she has other sources of income like AdSense, affiliate marketing, course sales, and consulting.

Zoom out: We’ve heard from many mid-sized creators that we’re in a dry brand landscape, but Alter said she receives consistent inbound thanks to her focus on quality > quantity.

“Stage one is to experiment a lot and find out what feels good to you and your viewers,” Alter said. “Stage two is nailing down what makes you remarkable and 10x all those things. That’s how you get to the point where you have brands reaching out to you as opposed to you reaching out to the brands.”

YouTube CEO: The Emmys Should Embrace Creators

Neal Mohan (right) writes an open letter in The Hollywood Reporter vouching for creators’ works to be recognized at the Emmys / NASA/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEEDColin and Samir

On Monday, YouTube CEO Neal Mohan wrote an open letter asking the Television Academy to broaden the Primetime Emmy Awards to recognize creators’ work.

  • He argued that YouTube-native shows (including Michelle Khare’s Challenge Accepted and Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning) have production teams similar to traditional studios—and viewers are increasingly watching YouTube on their TVs, anyway.

  • “[It’s] the best way for the Television Academy to continue its legacy of honoring modern culture, while also building a bridge to the next generation of viewers,” Mohan wrote in The Hollywood Reporter.

FYI: Full-time creators have won Emmy Awards before (see: Hank Green and Vsauce’s Jake Roper) but have yet to compete in the “Primetime Emmy” category.

➕ Community Tab

We recently asked if you planned on watching creators’ film and television projects…the results? It was a toss-up between “Yes, I’d buy a ticket to watch in theaters” and “No, but I’d continue to watch their videos on YouTube/TikTok.”

Here are some of our favorite responses:

“Depends on the creator's size and my relationship with them. MrBeast: Yes, I will watch his Amazon show. If C&S did something I would watch theirs (yours). For the majority, I'd expect .05% to 3% of their MAUs to make the jump.” —Jarad M.

“If the project looks interesting enough and I really enjoy the creator’s content, I’ll support it best I can.” —Andrew O.

“The channel ‘Sticks’ is a great example of this desire for amazing storytelling and high production value. I think the creators and their work will continue to flow on YouTube and bubble over into the wider world of established media as a whole.” —Bennjamin A.

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  • Noah Beck is producing and starring in a film on Tubi called The QB Bad Boy & Me.

  • Sapnap collaborates with Cheez-Its.

  • Emma Chamberlain appears in Charli XCX's latest music video.

  • Instagram starts a new video series called "Creator POV."

  • Lofi Girl’s room is now a playable map in Fortnite.

  • Eight TikTok creators are suing the U.S. government over its recent legislation that could ban TikTok.

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