The Commentary Creator Taking on NYC’s Mayor 🗽

YouTube creator Olayemi Olurin debates Eric Adams

Good morning. Adobe is integrating AI tools into its Premiere Pro video editing software for the first time, including the ability to add and remove objects in videos. X user Thomas Zbodula commented, “faceless channels are about to cook off this.” What do you think? Hit reply and give us your two cents.

Political Commentary Creator Olayemi Olurin Grills NYC Mayor

Olayemi Olurin (right) debates New York City Mayor Eric Adams (left) on air / The Breakfast Club

Lawyer, activist, and YouTube creator Olayemi Olurin appeared on popular morning radio show The Breakfast Club last month alongside New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

The viral debate centered around hot-button topics including Adams’ handling of homelessness and incarceration in NYC. Like many viewers impressed by Olurin’s acute political commentary, the former editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone called it “the most important interview of Eric Adams in a long, long time.”

How Olurin got here: Born and raised in the Bahamas, Olurin moved to NYC for law school and became a public defender upon graduating in 2018.

  • Three years later, she posted the video of a controversial arrest of one of her clients on Twitter.

  • The media attention helped get the charges dropped. Soon after, Olurin began exploring other paths to advocate for criminal justice reform.

Enter: YouTube. On her channel “Olurinatti,” Olurin shares analysis videos and hosts conversations (about everything from affirmative action to the 2024 election) with other social and political commentary creators including F.D Signifier. One year and 60 videos in, she’s grown to nearly 65,000 subscribers on YouTube and made multiple appearances on The Breakfast Club.

Looking ahead: Olurin isn’t sold on becoming a political pundit at a big network, but she does plan to build out a larger media brand through her YouTube channel.

“I want to have my own production company and have my own platform that’s big enough to garner the traffic,” Olurin told The Cut, describing her vision as “an advocacy version of Issa Rae’s career.”

TikTok Creators Sign Open Letter to President Biden

Nadya Okamoto (left) rallies creators to sign an open letter to President Biden against banning TikTok in the U.S. / Photography via Nadya Okamoto, Illustration by Moy Zhong

As the Senate considers a bill that would force TikTok parent company ByteDance to sell the app or risk being banned in the U.S., creators have come together in opposition of the potential ban in an open letter titled “Dear President Biden”.

The details: “Our advocacy for TikTok is not a threat but a declaration of our commitment to protecting a platform that is integral to our livelihoods and sources of joy,” the letter reads. “We will continue to mobilize and utilize our platforms to defend TikTok, even though it comes at the opportunity cost of collaborating on other important initiatives like voter turnout.”

Behind the letter: Lifestyle creator Nadya Okamoto is spearheading the effort, recruiting 19 other creators (including motherhood vlogger Tiffany Remington and skincare creator Adaleta Avdić) with a collective following of over 16 million to join her. 

Okamoto has rallied around political issues before, fighting the “tampon tax” with August, her period care brand, last year.

What’s next: The Senate will vote on the bill in the coming months, though experts anticipate legal challenges to the legislation. If passed, the bill would head to the president, who could sign it into law.

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What Is Airchat?

Previews of the exclusive app Airchat call it a “social walkie-talkie”/ Airchat

Airchat, an audio-based social app that launched last Friday with a surge of new users, reached the #23 spot on the App Store since its broader relaunch this past weekend.

What’s the hype? Users are saying Airchat is a refreshing keyboard-less social app. It’s like Clubhouse meets X (formerly Twitter), where people can post voice notes and read other users’ voice transcripts on a scroll feed. 

But there’s plenty of skepticism as well, namely in the Clubhouse comparisons. Many expect Airchat will experience a similar fizzling-out, plus potential issues with AI cloning.

Zoom out: With TikTok on the rocks, declining X usership, and a growing user dissatisfaction with social platforms, both creators and consumers are itching for something new. 

Do you have platform fatigue? If so, what’s the solution?

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📽️ From The Studio

On Monday, we wrote about our call with Marques Brownlee re: his product reviews, his team's process, and more. 

Since Brownlee dropped his Humane Ai Pin review, the conversation around his influence on tech companies has grown considerably larger. Want his take? Watch our full interview with Brownlee (plus analysis from Colin and Samir) here.

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