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YouTuber Jake Lucky starts a gaming media brand

Good morning. This week, Vogue revealed its Met Gala livestream tallied 53 million views in its first 24 hours, doubling the stream’s reach from last year. Over the seven-day period following the event? Vogue generated 1.2 billion video views—up 82% from a year ago. We’d call that a silver lining for legacy media during an otherwise down month (see: BuzzFeed News shuttering and Vice filing for bankruptcy).

Gaming Creators Launch Media Brand

Hunter Grooms and Jake Lucky / GWM

Gaming news creator Jake Lucky and gaming commentator Hunter Grooms this week launched Gaming World Media (GWM), a news organization that covers gaming and creator updates. It’ll feature videos on YouTube and TikTok, livestreams on Kick, a podcast, and an in-person tour of big ticket gaming events.

Quick backstory: Lucky and Grooms were both on-camera hosts for the YouTube channel Esports Talk while building up their own followings on Twitter (where they have a combined 500,000 followers).

  • In late 2021, Lucky left Esports Talk to start his own YouTube channel, Jake Lucky News, where he now has 40K subscribers.

  • Grooms left Esports Talk soon after to work as a producer on esports team The Guard.

What makes GWM different from other gaming news outlets? Lucky and Grooms are creators themselves, with built-in distribution and audience via their individual channels (Lucky alone has more Twitter followers than gaming media-branded accounts like Dexerto Esports and theScore esports). The pair has also worked for esports organizations like Full Squad Gaming, giving them expertise and access to the inner workings of teams.

One last thing: GMW started a Patreon to fund their work. It will give supporters access to exclusive videos, podcast segments, and livestreams.

Creator News Roundup: New Tools for Your Stack


It’s been a big week for platforms launching new features and tools to help creators grow their audiences. Here are three that caught our eye…

  • TikTok’s “#NewMusic” feature enhances music discovery. The updated search feature (spun out of the platform’s popular hashtag of the same name, which has 18 billion views) provides 1) a dedicated space for users to explore trending artists and 2) a tool for artists to promote their new music.

  • Twitch introduces a Clip Editor tool. To solve Twitch’s discoverability troubles, streamers often cross-post clips from their streams to other platforms. Twitch’s solution: Encouraging that cross-posting with a new tool that converts clips to portrait mode, adds creators’ Twitch usernames, and automatically uploads the clips to connected accounts on YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

  • Deeptune AI brings quick dubbing to creators. The Alexis Ohanian-backed venture helps creators “expand their reach globally” through an AI-powered dubbing platform. Ohanian demonstrated the tech live on CNN last week, explaining that the upcoming Deeptune minimizes the time it takes to dub audio in different languages from months to “seconds.”

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Nigerian Creator Cooks for Over 100 Hours Straight

@TheHildaBaci / AP

Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey set the internet ablaze over the weekend by cooking nonstop for 100 hours straight—streaming live to over 1 million people across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok as she broke the 88-hour cook-a-thon record set back in 2019.

Bassey—who’s known as “Hilda Baci” online—cooked more than 55 recipes and over 100 meals during the marathon event, with one local outlet reporting that she gave the meals away to over 3,000 people.

Her reason behind the event: To put Nigerian food on the map. “Nigerian cuisine is the best out there…the more recipes are propagated, the more people will be willing to try it,” Bassey told CNN.

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