How Dude Perfect Made a Kid-Friendly Streamer 🏈

The creators’ new app debuts at No. 2

Hello. Did you know that Olive Garden sells its iconic cheese graters? A TikTok creator named Bo went viral over the weekend after asking her waiter if she could bring the kitchen tool home with her. Turns out, they’re available to purchase from the restaurant chain—which means Bo will no longer need to say “when” while grating parm over pasta at home.

Dude Perfect’s Streaming App Debuts at No. 2

On the Dude Perfect streaming app fans can watch videos, preview videos early, find bonus content, earn merch, and more / Dude Perfect

Sports creator group Dude Perfect launched their official Dude Perfect Streaming Service over the weekend—and it debuted at No. 2 in the sports category on Apple’s App Store charts, just one spot behind ESPN.

The details:

  • The service (which features the group’s video catalog, a shorts feed, and exclusive content) is also available across mobile and connected TV platforms such as Android, Roku, and Samsung TV.

  • It’s the group’s first major foray into creating exclusive video content not on YouTube.

Context: After building an audience of 60 million YouTube subscribers primarily by making viral trick shot videos, Dude Perfect has recently branched out in business, from product collaborations to mobile games to an upcoming theme park.

Between the lines: Sharing family-friendly videos has been a major part of the Dude Perfect brand since its launch in 2009. So a safe-for-the-whole-family streamer could open Dude Perfect up to new opportunities.

  • These could include producing live content and games (similar to their alternate “Thursday Night Football” broadcast on Amazon Prime last year), acquiring new shows, building out their own sports network, and more, according to Colin and Samir.

  • “Parents maybe can’t fully trust their kids navigating YouTube, but they can trust their kids on the Dude Perfect app,” Samir told us.

Big picture: Colin shared his belief that the final frontier for some of the biggest creators is to diversify to a level that makes them truly “post-platform.”

“YouTube will remain the core of their offering, but this is a huge step towards ensuring that their brand isn’t reliant on a platform that can feel more and more out of their control as it changes and evolves,” Colin said.

Andrew Callaghan’s Return to YouTube Leaves Viewers with Questions

Andrew Callaghan (right) interviews Jacob “Angeli” Chansley (left), also known as the “QAnon Shaman,” following Chansley’s release from solitary confinement / Channel 5

Journalist and creator Andrew Callaghan posted a new documentary video to YouTube for the first time since he was accused of sexual assault nine months ago.

Context: Callaghan has been silent on social media since January, when multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct.

Callaghan admitted to a “negative pattern of behavior” and checked himself into rehab for alcohol abuse. He also placed himself under an indefinite content hiatus, though he was seen filming content in August.

In Callaghan’s new Channel 5 video, “Q Shaman Comes Home,” he details the QAnon Shaman’s return from federal prison following the latter’s arrest for involvement in the 2021 Capitol insurrection (which was the subject of Callaghan’s 2022 HBO documentary, This Place Rules). Callaghan also announced in the new video that he’ll post every Sunday for the next 55 weeks.

The response: Many viewers have suggested things are amiss. Since returning to YouTube, Callaghan hasn’t publicly addressed any of the past allegations against him or mentioned his recovery. And two longtime members of his team, Nic Mosher and Evan Gilbert-Katz, have allegedly left Channel 5, leaving its future largely a question mark.

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Spotter Has Paid $800 Million to Creators

How? Through Catalog Licensing Deals.

Creators like MrBeast, DudePerfect, and Airrack have reinvested capital they’ve received from Spotter back into their businesses. For example, MrBeast leveraged his partnership to fund the translation of his videos into 14 different languages.

But capital isn’t the only way they’re accelerating creators' careers. They’re also doubling down with access to tools and knowledge like:

  • Spotter Labs, a suite of generative AI tools helping creators brainstorm better ideas. One of its tools (called Title Exploder) has become a go-to creative partner for Colin and Samir.

  • Spotter Summit, an annual meeting-of-the-minds between top creators and industry execs. In 2023, the event included workshops and talks from leaders at OpenAI and Pixar.

Spotter is committed to supporting the growth of creators just like you.

Lyrical Lemonade Directs Drake’s New Music Video

Cole Bennett directs a music video for “Another Late Night,” a song by Drake (right) featuring Lil Yachty (left) / Lyrical Lemonade

Creator and director Cole Bennett just released a music video with Drake and Lil Yachty for a song off Drake’s latest album, For All the Dogs. The video was distributed exclusively through Bennett’s Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel and climbed the YouTube Music trending charts, currently at #6.

FYI: Though the video is Bennett’s first collaboration with Drake, he has directed music videos for some of the biggest names in entertainment, including rappers like Eminem and Lil Yachty as well as movies like Super Mario Bros and Minions.

Zoom out: Bennet leads a growing set of creators entering music video direction, including TikTok artist Maris Jones, who recently directed and produced a music video for late singer and actress Olivia Newton-John on behalf of her estate.

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