Why Karl Jacobs Made a Comic Book 📚

“Time Traveler Tales” is coming to comic book stores near you.

Howdy. Hollywood studios and writers came to a tentative agreement on Sunday after several all-day negotiating sessions last week, meaning that the Writers’ Strike appears to be over.

At 146 days, the strike came just eight days shy of setting a new record for the Writers Guild of America. Alas, as both sides would probably agree, some records are better off not being broken.

Karl Jacobs’ Upcoming Comic Book, Explained

Streamer Karl Jacobs (left) is debuting the comic “Time Traveler Tales” (right) based on his stories from Minecraft gameplay / Karl Jacobs, Dark Horse Comics

Gaming creator Karl Jacobs (best known as a member of the MrBeast cast and Dream SMP) has teamed up with veteran publisher Dark Horse Comics to develop a comic book titled “Time Traveler Tales.”

Adapted from Jacobs’ Minecraft streaming series “Tales From The SMP,” the first of five print issues will be released in comic shops on December 6 alongside a digital version sold online, according to Deadline.

Context: As we’ve covered before, the Dream SMP built a massive, passionate audience starting in 2020 and continuing until the Minecraft server ended in April 2023.

  • Viewers praised SMP creators for their ability to craft compelling narratives as they streamed their adventures in the video game’s virtual sandbox.

  • Now, Jacobs is working with top comic book writers and artists to see if his storytelling chops translate to the physical page.

And the results appear to be positive, according to writer and collaborator Dave Scheidt, who’s known for his work on popular comics from franchises including Avatar: The Last Airbender.

“Karl’s created such a fun world to play around in and getting to tell new stories…with such an incredible creative team is an honor,” Scheidt said in a Dark Horse blog post.

Zoom out: Creators have told us that they’re increasingly turning to legacy print formats like comic books and zines to diversify their storytelling across mediums and offer unique, collectible products to their core fans.

Alex Cooper Debuts New Vodcast Style

Alix Earle (left) and Alex Cooper (right) film a get-ready-with-me TikTok as part of the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast / Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper kicked off the fourth season of her Call Her Daddy (CHD) podcast last week. Unlike most podcasts, however, many fans tuned in on their TVs.

Context: Cooper’s Spotify-exclusive show has been releasing episodes as videos (also known as vodcasts) since January 2022, aligning with her pivot from a solo emcee to an interview-style show.

Though most CHD vodcasts see Cooper and her guest chatting in a studio, last week’s premiere featuring TikTok creator (and Unwell Network signee) Alix Earle followed the duo to various activities—including a visit to Earle’s high school and a collaborative get-ready-with-me TikTok production.

The result: CHD and Earle’s new Hot Mess podcast have held the top two spots on Spotify’s podcast charts since the latter’s debut, and clips from the CHD interview have garnered a higher viewership than most videos on Cooper’s YouTube channel.

Looking ahead: Cooper’s Spotify contract ends next year, and with the proven impact of her podcast and the building of her new Unwell media empire, marketing expert Eva Gutierrez says Cooper is creating a flywheel that can grow her devoted audience…with or without a Spotify contract.

LegalEagle Calls Out Streamers for Stealing Content

Devin “LegalEagle” Stone (center) reviews the legality of reaction content by creators like streamer xQc (left) / LegalEagle

Civil lawyer and YouTube creator Devin “LegalEagle” Stone recently highlighted a trend of “potentially illegal” reaction content from streamers—specifically calling out top steamer xQc in a video uploaded to Stone’s channel.

Context: xQc has routinely faced backlash for streaming other creator’s content in their entirety with no credit and little to no commentary.

"Streamers need to realize that not only is it legally required to ask for permission in many of these circumstances, it's also in their [financial] interest,” Stone said in his video.

Zoom out: The ethics around reaction videos have been a long-debated topic, but the conversation recently re-entered the limelight. We’ll be following this story closer as Stone continues to throw his hat in the ring—xQc, for his part, has already responded by (you guessed it) posting a reaction video.

👀 Creator Moves

  • Matthew Beem is hiring a video editor who will lead operations for a new gaming channel.

  • Doctor Gary Linkov, a facial plastic surgeon and YouTube creator, is hiring a social media manager to develop and implement a content calendar.

  • CarDealershipGuy is looking for a producer to work on his podcast.

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