What It’s Like to Edit for the Dangie Bros 👩‍💻

Their lead editor breaks down what goes into a Dangie video

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Why Dangie Bros’ Lead Video Editor Focuses on Emotion

Mackenzie Champion (right) shares what it’s like to edit for challenge video creators, the Dangie Bros (left) / Dangie Bros, Mackenzie Champion

Over the last year, lead editor for adventure creators the Dangie Bros Mackenzie Champion has helped the channel pull off a meaningful shift in the storytelling of their videos.

For their 7+ million YouTube subscribers, the Dangie Bros have moved from fast-paced content with little context like 50 Mystery Pools to more narrative-driven videos like Surviving on Homemade Houseboats.

Champion shared with us what goes into editing a Dangie video and how she edits with the group’s audience (mostly teen boys) in mind.

Quick background: Champion, who was hired after learning about the Dangie Bros job from her college film studies professor, started by editing their couples and gaming channels before taking over editing on the Dangie Bros’ main account. 

“The main channel is a lot more footage and more dynamics as far as the story you’re going to tell. There’s more attention to detail,” Champion told us.

The key to a good Dangie video: Music, text animation, and, Champion said, a focus on emotion.

  • “[Editing Podcast host] Hayden Hillier-Smith says you don't want to underestimate the emotional intelligence of your audience, and that’s the same with [middle school boys],” Champion said.

  • For example, she’ll add a recap of highs and lows at the end of a challenge video to encourage in viewers a sense of accomplishment with the Dangie Bros. 

“Tying in emotion is what connects us to the story and how we can relate to the characters, so I’ve tried to focus on that in a lighter way,” Champion said.

Her advice to aspiring editors: Know as much about movies and YouTube analytics as you do about Premiere Pro shortcuts. “You have to be well-rounded and know more than just your own craft to excel and stand out,” Champion said. “You have to be conscious of the viewer always.” 

Inside Jomboy’s Blitzball 4 Tournament

We Got Ice players Jack Doyle (center) and Lorenzo “Zo” DeMalia (left) cheer from the stands of the Jomboy Blitzball 4 Tournament / Jomboy Media

Last week, sports YouTube channel Jomboy Media filmed its fourth Blitzball tournament at its warehouse in Jersey City, NJ. The tournament will be released on the Jomboy Warehouse channel in February.

What is Blitzball? Like a miniature version of baseball or wiffle ball. It’s become one of the top-viewed games on Jomboy’s Warehouse Games channel.

Some highlights from the event, reported on the ground by Publish Press team member Julian Saliani:

  1. Real-time editing. The editing director was doing live cuts from camera to camera during each game, utilizing a replay system that allowed both the audience and players to see instant footage on the TVs in the warehouse. 

  2. Speaking of: a warehouse built for media. Jomboy built the warehouse to include a press room, a control room showing footage from 16 cameras around the facility, and a podcast studio for filming other Jomboy Media shows.

Big picture: By investing in a dedicated facility to host events and in-house production, Jomboy aims to be a leader in creator sports league entertainment, similar to dodgerfilms and MLW Wiffle Ball.

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Twitch CEO Hits Milestone on PR Road Trip

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy (left) guests on a Hot Ones-style stream from the Twitch offices with Sr. Director of Engineering Jesse Bearden (right) / DJClancy

Twitch CEO Dan Clancy was finally accepted into the platform’s Partner Program as a creator, a fitting achievement to take place during his “Dan in the Van” road trip—a PR journey that has him criss-crossing the U.S. in an effort to better understand the ideas and concerns of Twitch streamers.

Big picture: Twitch has long-been criticized for not understanding its creators—creators who have often accused Twitch of undercutting streamer monetization. This fall, Clancy has been asking streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Maya Higa for their feedback on things like subscription revenue and streaming rules.

“It’s all input,” Clancy told Bloomberg. “So many people understand a problem. It doesn’t mean they understand the solution.”

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