How These Pet Creators Took Their Communities Offline 🐶

Corgi creators launch a 3-day Chonk Fest

Good morning. Remember the mobile puzzle game Cut the Rope? You can now play that and 74 other games directly in the YouTube app (for free). Live sports, Emmy nomination bids, and now this—YouTube really is eating the world.

Corgi Creators Launch a 3-Day Event

(From left) Hammy the Corgi, Chris Equale, Maxine the Fluffy Corgi, and Bryan Reisberg host a dog meet-up with art installations, a DJ, food, and more / Maxine the Fluffy CorgiChonkfest

Bryan Reisberg, the creator behind the popular dog account Maxine the Fluffy Corgi and pet gear brand Little Chonk, will host a three-day dog event called Chonk Fest with fellow creator Chris Equale of the corgi YouTube channel Hammy and Olivia starting June 14.

The why: Reisberg and Equale wanted to create another touch point for their communities.

“If there’s an opportunity to give back to the people who have helped us get where we are, it’s absolutely top of mind to do that,” Reisberg told us. “It’s a lot of work, it’s not like we’re making a lot of money on this. It’s all about making a future investment into where we think the pet industry is going.”

Their bet on where it’s going? More in-person events. 

  • “We want to get outside with our dogs, we want to have a new third place,” Reisberg said.

  • “We as pet parents are influencing the [pet] industry, the industry is reacting, and we want to be part of that reaction,” Reisberg added. 

  • Worth noting: Leisure pet spending is expected to grow 44% this year in the U.S.

The details: Reisberg and Equale spent a year planning event activities and scouting brand partners to help front the cost—eventually landing on dog-friendly beer garden and coffee chain BarkSocial and toy brand Squishmallows. Over 1,000 people have bought tickets for Chonk Fest, which start at $35/day. 

“Pretty much everything from content and product is so influenced by our audience, it’s why I'm in the DMs every day. So many decisions I've made have been because some stranger gave us a good idea,” Reisberg said.

Looking ahead: More creators are leaning into in-person events for communities large and small. 

“Events are about testing the waters,” Reisberg said. “If you want to understand if you can share products and services in an organic and authentic way to your audience, I think meeting customers where they are and hanging out with them is the best way to understand their needs.”

TikTok Launches ‘Comprehensive’ Analytics Platform

TikTok says the TikTok Studio’s in-app and web experience “will offer variations of available tools” / TikTok

Last week, TikTok launched a “comprehensive,” one-stop platform for creators to analyze accounts and content performance, per a company blog post.

The platform, called TikTok Studio, is accessible via desktop web browser (a standalone mobile app is available on the Google Play Store and a separate version is coming to Apple’s App Store in the coming weeks).

Zoom in: This first version of TikTok Studio looks similar to YouTube’s Studio platform.

  • The main dashboard counts common metrics such as video views, likes, and shares.

  • The “Monetization” tab breaks down earnings across TikTok’s various revenue streams like Live Gifting and Series.

  • Creators can also schedule uploads directly from the platform and manage and report comments.

One early review: There are still kinks to work out. “For some reason, when I post too much from PC my videos start getting flagged ‘ineligible for the For You page,’” a user posted on X.

Zoom out: TikTok is still rolling out new products and partnerships (such as sponsoring the Met Gala earlier this month) while fighting for survival in the U.S. Just yesterday, an appeals court fast-tracked the company’s lawsuit against the U.S. government, with oral arguments set to begin in September.

Inside This Editor’s Journey From Bangladesh to MrBeast

Skider (right) documents his ongoing journey to become an editor for MrBeast (left) / Skider

A recent video recommended by a member of our Discord community: “How MrBeast Changed My Life,” by aspiring filmmaker and editor Skider.

The video details: Skider recounts his desire to leave his home in Bangladesh to pursue higher-paying opportunities working for English-speaking creators elsewhere.

“I know people who are less talented than me, but because of where they’re located, they’re able to generate more money and get better clients,” Skider said.

Spoiler alert: By the end of the video, a stray LinkedIn post on April Fools’ Day leads to a series of job interviews with MrBeast’s team.

We’ll keep you posted on whether Skider lands the editor role.

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