Rhett and Link Invest in Creators

The Sorry Girls are the latest beneficiaries of the Mythical Accelerator program

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The Sorry Girls Join Mythical Creator Accelerator

DIY duo Kelsey MacDermaid (left) and Becky Wright (second from left) transformed an elementary school classroom (right) in Kelowna, BC / The Sorry Girls

This week, home decor and DIY creators The Sorry Girls announced they’ve received an investment (amount undisclosed) from Rhett and Link’s $5 million Mythical Creator Accelerator fund. The money will support the Sorry Girls’ efforts to streamline operations, produce videos, and start new product verticals.

Context: The Sorry Girls, led by Kelsey MacDermaid and Becky Wright, have been creating on YouTube since 2010, sharing videos like how to make DIY designer items on a budget to their over 3 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest.

While the Mythical Accelerator program has invested in creators including Jarvis Johnson and Daniel Thrasher, this partnership is Mythical’s “largest investment yet” and its first in a female-led channel.

“Right now we’re in a time where every creator is raising their profile especially with things changing in Hollywood and there’s greater tension in the space,” Mythical SVP of Strategy and Corporate Development Neel Yalamarthy told us. “So we want to work together to solidify Kelsey and Becky and The Sorry Girls, positioning them as the leading DIY and home creators not only in the creator sphere but in the broader media and entertainment space.”

Translation? Mythical’s investment will power the creators’ effort to replace traditional DIY media. Just as Mythical’s Good Mythical Morning functions as a late night show, the Sorry Girls aim to rival network brands like HGTV.

"Creators are the future of media and entertainment, and we think that there should be more Mythicals out there," Yalamarthy said. "We wanna work with Daniel and Jarvis and Becky and Kelsey and whoever may be the next investees to build their version of Mythical as they take on this changing world of media and entertainment."

Yoga with Adriene Introduces 24/7 Livestream

Adriene Mishler (right) has been running her yoga channel since 2012. Her beloved blue heeler, Benji (left), sometimes appears at the foot of her mat in her videos. / YouTube

Editor’s Note: On August 30, we received an email from a member of Mishler’s team stating that the livestream originally started in June as part of Google’s YouTube Stations experiment. The channel took down their livestream at the conclusion of the Stations experiment on August 31.

YouTube channel Yoga With Adriene began stitching together videos from its back catalog and livestreaming them 24/7 last week.

It’s a move we’ve seen before: Linus Tech Tips began creating similar livestreams about a month ago in an effort to engage new viewers who hadn’t come across the channel’s older content via the YouTube algorithm.

Who is Adriene? Austin-based yoga instructor Adriene Mishler got her start on YouTube in 2012 while working as an actor, uploading instructional yoga videos as a side project while she trained for roles.

A decade later, the channel is now beloved by over 12 million subscribers for its relaxed, accessible approach. “[Mishler] seems to attract people outside the accepted profile of a yoga-doer,” The New York Times wrote in 2020.

Looking ahead: Along with increasing discoverability of their back catalog, Mishler and her team appear to be experimenting with the stream in an effort to serve viewers with a wider range of exercises. They’ve also set up a dedicated email inbox to ask for feedback in the process.

“We do plan to…create an experience that honors the differences between on-demand videos on YouTube and a live stream experience,” they wrote in the video’s description.

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YouTube Rolls Out Content Links Early

YouTube content links will connect Shorts exclusively to YouTube creators’ other longform videos or livestreams. Illustration by Moy Zhong

YouTube is launching its new “content links” feature, which will enable creators to link a Short to other related content such as livestreams or longform videos, to all creators by the first week of September.

The rollout comes “way ahead of schedule,” but it became a priority after “the team heard how important it was to creators,” YouTube Liaison Rene Ritchie tweeted.

Zoom out: The update comes two weeks after YouTube announced it was addressing scammers by nixing clickable links from Shorts comments, a move that some creators felt would unfairly affect their earnings from affiliate links and product sales.

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