Tech Creators’ Big Day

Inside Apple’s major product announcements and the creators who covered them

Good morning. Comedy creator James Seo, who’s known for asking strangers to complete tasks in order to win mystery gifts, finally finished his own four-month quest: collaborating with MrBeast, which he did in a video released Monday.

The collab is quickly becoming one of Seo’s most-viewed videos to date. And for MrBeast, it’s another chance to stake his claim as the final boss for creator collaborations.

How Creators Are Impacting the Future of Tech

Arun “Mrwhosetheboss” Maini and MKBHD / YouTube

On Monday, Apple held its 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Tech creators flocked to Silicon Valley to cover the company’s latest product announcements, including a 15-inch MacBook Air and the new Vision Pro AR headset.

Notable tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee and Arun “Mrwhosetheboss” Maini were quick to share their first impressions of the very hyped Vision Pro. Brownlee’s video climbed YouTube’s Trending Charts to #3, topping Apple’s event livestream and its Vision Pro announcement.

Context: In the past, Brownlee was one of the only creators invited to WWDC and given early access to product demos. But Big Tech has started embracing creators as more and more viewers turn to YouTube for tech news and reviews, according to Jacklyn Dallas, the creator and host of YouTube channel NothingButTech.

“The audience—especially tech YouTube—is so community-driven. So I think viewers care more about the individual creators than they do about traditional media…who are trying to appeal to an average consumer that doesn’t necessarily love tech,” Dallas told us.

Zoom out: Creators play a prominent role in product rollouts. But they’re doing more than just that. When Dallas met with executives at Samsung’s headquarters in South Korea, they mentioned that they watch videos like hers for product feedback, impacting their research and development.

“As a creator, it’s so easy not to realize the impact that you’re having in any niche. And I think the audience is [having an impact] too, because what the audience clicks on and reacts to kind of starts a cycle, telling us ‘Oh, they really want us to cover this thing,’” Dallas told us.

Podcast News Roundup: Spotify Shake-Ups and AI Integrations

Synthetic Stories / Apple Podcast

It’s been a busy week of layoffs, AI integrations, and more in the podcasting world. Here’s the rundown:

More AI-generated podcasts are springing up. Startups like ElevenLabs, Wondercraft AI, and Podcastle have made it easier than ever to generate AI voices. With that, podcasts like Myself, I Am, and That and Synthetic Stories are using AI not just for voices—but also for script and sound design, Wired reports.

  • “We were proud of it as an experiment,” Andi Durrant, creator of Synthetic Stories, told Wired. But many in podcasting see it as just that—an experiment, not a creative pursuit. “You really quickly get the limitations,” Durrant said.

  • FYI: Listenership has diminished on the first viral hit using AI podcasting, fan-created The Joe Rogan AI Experience, since its launch in April.

Spotify cuts around 200 podcast roles in a division-wide restructuring. Following its 2019 purchases of audio startups Gimlet and Parcast for around $200 million and $56 million, respectively, Spotify will now consolidate the two brands into a Spotify Studios division tasked with creating original audio shows.

  • In an op-ed for Semafor, reporter Max Tani suggests Spotify’s heavy investment in big names like Kim Kardashian, the Obamas, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn’t pay off in terms of building long-term loyal audiences—a sentiment other creators have echoed.

  • FYI: Spotify canceled 10 narrative shows from Parcast and Gimlet in October.

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Are you ready to connect with your community IRL?

Britt Parrish

If you’re like us, then the answer is always yes. (We’re actually hosting a small event for Publish readers this upcoming weekend!) Events are an irreplaceable way to engage your audience, not to mention another way for creators to diversify their revenue.

But if you’re hesitant, you’re not alone. Throwing a live event isn’t easy.

The planning, logistics, and resources involved…These obstacles often overwhelm creators from moving forward on their own.

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If you’ve dreamed about bringing your community together IRL, apply to Eventbrite’s RECONVENE Accelerator. Creators in music, wellness, and food & bev can receive direct support as well as $20,000.

Take Britt Parrish, a creator making content around her love of plants. With help from last year’s Accelerator, she threw 5 lively events, across state lines in Oklahoma and Texas, for fellow houseplants enthusiasts.

The deadline is June 13, 2023, so apply today.

Food Creators Start Consulting for Restaurants

Master Sushi Chef creators Hiroyuki Terada and Michael Collantes / YouTube

Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef creators Hiroyuki Terada and Michael Collantes are launching a full-service consultancy for restaurants. They’ll help clients with everything from branding and social media to recipe development and kitchen procedures.

Zoom out: Terada and Collantes, who each have over 20 years of culinary experience, have built a following of 2 million YouTube subscribers in the last decade. Collantes has earned a Michelin star at his restaurant Soseki Modern Omakase in Orlando, FL, while Terada has a Guiness World Record for his quick knife skills.

On their new gig: Terada and Collantes said they come equipped with an understanding that restaurant success requires more than good food—according to a recent study, 63% of consumers use social media to find a new restaurant, making a social presence more crucial for restaurants than ever.

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