Timm Chiusano's Next Act ➡️

The 46-year-old creator quits his day job

Good morning. After releasing a video about finding love through Tinder, Anthpo invited YouTube viewers to his wedding next year. So far, more than 4,000 people have RSVP’d. That’s gonna be a steep catering bill.

What’s Next for Timm Chiusano

After quitting his office job, Timm Chiusano is releasing a book and testing longform video / Park & Fine Literary and Media

After 11 years working as a vice president at media brand Spectrum Reach, 46-year-old lifestyle and motivational creator Timm Chiusano quit his job to go all-in on content last month.

Context: Chiusano has spent the last four years amassing over 1.3 million followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, posting day-in-the-life videos as a husband, parent, and executive in NYC. 

Now that his day job is out of the picture, Chiusano told us what’s next →

“I didn’t really have a lot of good reasons to stay other than the safe space to just keep doing this…and do I really want to die with the regret of ‘well, one time I had all those opportunities?’” Chiusano said. 

Chiusano has monetized through brand deals with companies like Dyson and the NY Rangers, collaborated with other creators like Ryan Trahan and General Ock, signed with Night Media, and hired a video editor. But his desire to share his career building skills with the public rather than just corporate execs was what pushed him to take the leap to full-time content.

“As much as I’ve been doing the 4am to 10pm [vlog], I can’t do it forever,” Chiusano said. “My background, especially with ESPN marketing, makes me very well suited to build a bridge and try new things.”

Here’s what Chiusano has planned →

  • He’s writing a book on how to appreciate life, due to hit stores early next year. 

  • He plans to build out longform video and career content that leverages the years he’s spent in management at Spectrum and ESPN. 

  • Chiusano is also working on a movie script and wants to make more content about his neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. 

“I want to create a tutorial series that will change the path of corporate America because I can instill ideas in day-to-day applicable information that will change the way people look at their jobs,” Chiusano said. “And if I don’t screw up the book and make my wife and daughter proud throughout all of it, then hell yeah.”

‘Hawk Tuah’ Girl, Explained

Haliey Welch (left) went viral for her “hawk tuah” phrase during a street interview by DeArius Marlow (right) with her friend Chelsea Bradford (center) / Tim & Dee TV

Chances are, you’ve seen or heard “hawk tuah” no fewer than a dozen times over the last month. But how did the cathphrase’s originator end up signed to a talent agency with a brand new newsletter? Here’s the breakdown.

  • Last month, 21-year-old Haliey Welch was interviewed by Tim & Dee TV in Nashville. 

  • Her “hawk tuah” response went viral, tallying upwards of 4 million views on YouTube. You can watch the original interview clip for context around the NSFW meaning of the phrase.

  • Everyone from Shaq to Philadelphia Phillies player Bryce Harper began referencing the video.

  • A week later, Welch started selling hats in partnership with merch company Fathead Threads, which Rolling Stone reports has made upwards of $65,000 in sales so far.

  • As of last week, Welch quit her job and signed with a talent management team. According to The Tennessean, Welch’s team is negotiating appearances with a fee north of $25K. 

  • Last week on Brianna Lapaglia’s Barstool Sports podcast Plan Bri, Welch explained plans to launch her own social channels, including a show and podcast.

Big picture: Like Damn Daniel and Corn Kid before her, Welch is in the middle of a hyper-viral moment, complete with 1 million new followers on Instagram. But whether she can stretch her 15 minutes into a creator career (think: Brittany Broski) depends on how she strategizes her next move and carves out her brand.

Video Analysis: Ludwig’s Event Posting Strategy

Ludwig Ahgren (left) hosts his Fast50 speedrunning event last month with a cast of creators (right) / Ludwig Ahgren

Ludwig’s Fast50 charity speedrunning event, which ran from May 31 through June 2, is still gaining views a month later thanks to Ludwig’s video posting strategy. 

Zoom in: Gaming creators like MoistCr1TiKal and DougDoug joined Ludwig for the 52-hour stream on Ludwig’s Twitch and YouTube channels. On Twitch, it brought in 574K total views.

Ludwig has since posted clips of the stream ranging from 30 minutes to two hours to his secondary YouTube channels. 

  • One video showing Ludwig competing with Feinberg reached the YouTube trending page last week and received over 600K views.

  • Speedrunning videos on Ludwig’s video on-demand channel have gained more than 500K total views over the last three weeks. 

  • Combined, the clips have brought in more views than the livestream itself.

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