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Inside Damon Dominique’s New Content Strategy

With a decade of experience as a travel creator, Damon Dominique’s Global Citizen course details how he travels, navigates airline points, moving abroad, and more / Damon Dominique

Travel creator Damon Dominique recently released his Global Citizen travel course, a comprehensive video series navigating airline points, banking, and moving abroad. 

It’s part of his multi-year business pivot to courses and newsletters—a strategy he’s deploying so he doesn’t have to rely as much on brand deals and AdSense. 

Backstory: Dominique launched his first course in 2021 teaching phrases and flirting in French. It gained over 6,000 signups at launch. “We’re talking, like, 1,000% increase in what I was making on YouTube. I felt like I won the lottery,” Dominique told us.

That’s why he’s continuing to bet on courses, even as they become increasingly commonplace in creators’ content offerings these days. Dominique’s differentiating factor? He puts his personality front and center, using lighthearted jokes and quips to brighten often boring topics.

“You can learn anything you want for free. The question you [have] to ask yourself is ‘are you actually going to do it?’ Because most people won’t, and don’t even know what to look up,” he said.

The creator strategy: Dominique has been a full-time travel creator for the last decade. He’s navigated changing algorithm trends and experimented with a larger team, ultimately finding he works better solo and posting sparingly in formats like short-form video.

“I think a trap that people can fall into as they start doing this and seeing growth—whether views or income or popularity—you start feeling like you have to want more,” Dominique said. “Test it all out—see what you like, not what you’re supposed to like. You determine the quality of life.”

MoistCr1TiKaL’s Second Channel Takes Off 

In his latest video on “The Other Channel,” MoistCr1TiKaL speed dates 20 women / The Other Channel

In April, commentary creator Charles “MoistCr1TiKaL” White Jr. announced The Other Channel, his aptly-named second channel that features guest contestants and human-interest videos.

Across two months and just seven uploads, The Other Channel has grown to over 377,000 subscribers—with multiple videos trending in YouTube’s Top 10.

Context: White Jr. started his main “penguinz0” channel in 2007.

  • Over the years, he’s gone from creating gaming playthroughs to daily, low-lift internet culture commentary videos.

  • His main channel has grown to north of 15 million subscribers.

But The Other Channel is his first new step on YouTube in nearly two decades. In his announcement video, White Jr. explained that he was starting with five higher-production videos as an experiment. Early success with those uploads (such as “What’s in the Box?”) encouraged two additional uploads already.

Zoom out: White Jr. made it clear that popular YouTube media brands Jubilee and Cut served as inspiration for The Other Channel, but following those longtime channels’ “playbook” is easier said than done.

“[We] didn’t realize that casting [for these videos] is not easy, especially since we were doing something that was super outrageous,” he said in his announcement video.

Creator-Powered Soccer League Raises $65 Million

Gerard Piqué’s soccer league, The Kings League, expands to creator marketing / BBC

The Kings League, started by soccer legend Gerard Piqué, landed a $65 million investment last month to expand its seven-on-seven model to countries beyond Spain (where the league’s first season debuted in 2023).

The league’s distribution strategy? Partner with local Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok creators.

  • The creators become “president” of a franchise and receive an equity stake.

  • In return, they livestream games on their channels (and in their home country’s language).

Zoom out: In just one year, the Kings League became the second most-watched Spanish-language Twitch channel in the world—while also gaining a larger audience on TikTok than the Premier League, according to a statement from Piqué.

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