Yes Theory's Holiday

How the creators plan for the biggest event of their year

Good morning. About one year and 40 trend cycles later, we finally tried the Stanley Quencher, the water bottle that inspired 2.3 billion TikTok views. And we must admit…the hype is justified, even if it is comically oversized.

Inside Yes Theory Seeker’s Day

Yes Theory / Twitter

Yes Theory just kicked off Seeker’s Day, an eight-day event commemorating eight years of the Yes Theory YouTube channel and five years of Yes Theory’s Seek Discomfort brand.

During Seeker’s Day, Yes Theory is offering fans 30% off merch plus bonuses like mystery gifts, a chance to win a trip to LA, sneak peek of Yes Theory cofounder Matt Dajer’s book, and more.

The reasoning: “We want to make [Seeker’s Day] about the community because we have people that got married, made friends for life, moved to another side of the world to live near people that they met through the Yes Fam and all those interactions aren’t fully translated in our videos,” Yes Theory Head of Operations Pedro Paiva told us.

A lot has changed since Yes Theory introduced Seek Discomfort in 2018.

  • Yes Theory focused the Seek Discomfort brand on a lifestyle of living fearlessly, while the Yes Theory channel focused more on short documentaries and storytelling.

  • Paiva said this annual Seeker’s Day event helps Yes Theory articulate their priorities for each of the brands both internally and externally.

FYI: Yes Theory plans their content for the year around Seeker’s Day. They save their best videos for the event, and it marks a three-week vacation for the team to reset and prepare for another year of content.

“What really makes us pop champagne at the end of the year is not our KPIs, but if we’re seeing people seek personal growth and if we’re seeing them build community,” Paiva said. “That’s what Seeker’s Day is all about.”

We’re Getting More Pinkydoll

Pinkydoll / TikTok

NPC TikTok creator Pinkydoll announced an upcoming music project in collaboration with Fashion Nova, giving us a lesson in how to capitalize on viral internet fame these days.

Context: Over the past month, Fedha “Pinkydoll” Sinon has been inescapable on the internet, with livestreams dominating TikTok and viral screen recordings of said streams all over Twitter. Sinon recently told the NYT she makes $7,000 per day across Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

Though Sinon didn’t offer details on her partnership with Fashion Nova, she did release a clip of the forthcoming song—which includes one of her popular livestream lines, “ice cream, so good.”

Big picture: The internet may be forever, but going viral these days certainly doesn’t last—Bhad Bhabie and Brittany Broski are exceptions, not rules. Sinon seems to be determined to make her 15 seconds into a bona fide career, though. “I told you, your girl Pinkydoll is here to stay forever,” she said in the announcement.

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Why We Rebranded The Publish Press

Long-time readers know this newsletter used to have its own distinct brand. But over time, we noticed this caused some disconnect, especially with Colin and Samir’s YouTube fans. Many viewers weren’t seeing the link between the newsletter and our merch.

So we decided to switch things up.

We changed our newsletter look and feel to match our merch, since its branding is what creators have come to love. While we were at it, we also relaunched our merch website with a .Store domain.

Samir captured the reasoning perfectly: “Your domain is part of your branding. You say it aloud in your videos, it goes on screen—give it the attention it deserves.”

From to, many of the world’s biggest creators have made the same move. That’s because they’re seeing .Store links drive more traffic from their audience. According to a survey by the .Store team, branded URLs (like get 48% more clicks than longer, clunkier links.

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Ali Abdaal Launches YouTube Agency

Ali Abdaal / Twitter

On the heels of his recent book announcement, education creator Ali Abdaal is launching another big project: a YouTube agency.

What is it? Abdaal’s Hey Friends will equip creators with a team to manage their YouTube channels. While his Part-Time YouTuber Academy teaches creators how to start and grow a channel themselves, this agency provides the resources to execute.

Noteworthy: Abdaal is offering a $14,000/month package called “The Studio” that essentially offers creators with an entire team to help them write, edit, and design everything it takes to run a channel.

TBH: We’ve been talking a lot about this in the Publish Slack and want to know—what do you think about a YouTube agency?

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  • MrBeast sues Virtual Dining Concepts, his partner in making MrBeast Burger.

  • YouTube introduces a live feature for Shorts.

  • Snap launches rewards program for AR Lens creators.

  • Kick sponsors Premier League team Everton.

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