Why Airrack is Now on Streaming Platforms 🌍

Airrack partners with a streaming syndicate

Good morning. Remember when Snoop Dogg announced he was “giving up smoke?” That was a marketing stunt for smokeless fireplace brand Solo Stove, and despite going viral, the collab didn’t translate to sales. The lesson: Not all views are created equal, and going viral doesn’t always mean a revenue bump.

Inside Airrack’s Move to Streaming

Airrack joins the growing number of creators expanding into streaming / Wild Vision

Earlier this week, Eric “Airrack” Decker kicked off a partnership with creator syndication agency Wild Vision that will air his videos on streaming platforms like Amazon’s FireTV and the UK’s popular Sky TV. More platforms will soon follow, Airrack’s COO Josh Mattingly told us.

The creator POV: This is a win for 1) discoverability on the global scale and 2) attracting a multigenerational demographic, per Mattingly.

“For us the exciting thing is to tap into this whole other audience who may not even know who Airrack is,” Mattingly said.

How the Wild Vision partnership works: Similar to how YouTube gives creators a percentage of ad revenue, Wild Vision gives creators a percentage of the ad revenue their content generates on streaming platforms. 

  • For creators, streaming platforms can unlock passive income and exposure in new media.

  • For streamers, creators can be a lead generator for subscriptions. FYI: Currently across the industry, more people are canceling their subscription services amid rising prices and more ads.

Zoom out: Airrack joins a growing number of creators including Rhett and Link, PrestonPlayz, Dude Perfect, and Theorist Media who are expanding to streaming.

“I think the next level is how do we create a brand—and [turn] Eric himself—into a multigenerational star, and I think that’s the path for creators in general,” Mattingly said. “MrBeast has crossed the threshold where grandparents and parents know who he is, and that’s how you create huge, lasting impact and value.”

‘The Editing Podcast’ Explains How They’re Making $500K in 2024

Jordan Orme (left) and Hayden Hillier-Smith (right) of The Editing Podcast break down their revenue strategy and share tips for fellow editors to try in 2024 / The Editing Podcast

Professional editors Jordan Orme and Hayden Hillier-Smith explained how they’ll bring in $500,000 in revenue this year on the latest episode of The Editing Podcast. Let’s break it down →

Their main income streams? YouTube sponsorships, editing courses, and freelance consulting work.

Three major takeaways for aspiring editors…

  • Niche down. Taking on different projects (think music videos vs. YouTube vlogs) can be great for learning unique editing skills, but focusing on a specific genre can mean bigger paychecks.

  • Don’t overcommit. Editing services have never been more in demand—but there are only so many projects an editor can juggle before burning out. “As you get more and more experience, just start saying no to stuff,” Orme said.

  • Build your brand. Hillier-Smith shared that he’s focused on editing just one big, high-profile project in 2024. That will drive interest in video breakdowns on his personal YouTube channel and unlock opportunities for brand deals from filmmaking tools he used during production, he said.

Amplify Your Brand to a Community of Creators

2023 was a big year for us at The Publish Press. To recap, we…

  1. Launched a physical newspaper

  2. Hosted some fun IRL events.

  3. Reached 100,000+ subscribers on this newsletter

We achieved all this while connecting a community of creator economy enthusiasts, eager to learn about the industry and the pioneers paving the way.

None of this would’ve been possible without partners like Squarespace, .Store, Fiverr, Shopify, and Spotter (just to name a few). Brands that share our vision of elevating and empowering creators unlocked so much for us last year.

If your brand needs help sharing its story and reaching creators, let us amplify your mission. Fill out this form to partner with The Publish Press in 2024. Our team will get back to you ASAP.

Taylor Tomlinson Makes Late Night Debut

Stand-up comedian and TikTok creator Taylor Tomlinson debuts as late-night host of CBS’ internet culture game show After Midnight / After Midnight

Stand-up comedian and TikTok creator Taylor Tomlinson made her debut as the only female late-night host with the premiere of After Midnight on CBS this week.

After Midnight breaks from the traditional late-night format by leading guest comedians through a series of internet-inspired, game show-style challenges.

Mixed emojis: Though early reviews for the show were underwhelming, CBS gave After Midnight a soft launch so that Tomlinson can ease into her new role—and the show can “find its voice over the next few weeks,” according to Variety.

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  • YouTube is laying off 100 employees, the majority of whom are in the creator support department.

  • Food creators The Korean Vegan and Jake Cohen sign on with Underscore Talent.

  • Apple gives a tour of its VR headset, Vision Pro.

  • Auto creator TJ Hunt purchases a 10,000-square-foot auto shop.

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