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Can Creators Still Build an Affiliate Business On YouTube? 🤔

Fashion creator Chloe Wen shares how she monetizes an audience of 140k

Hello. Video game adaptations are all the rage in Hollywood these days, and it was only a matter of time before a creator threw their hat in the ring. Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach released the second trailer for Iron Lung (his feature film debut and an adaptation of the 2022 video game) on Saturday—and given the trailer’s sinister tone, it looks like Markiplier’s decade of reacting to horror games translates well into starring in one himself.

How a Creator Built a Six-Figure Business via Affiliate Links

Chloe Wen has built a business largely through affiliate links in the description of her library of evergreen outfit inspiration videos like her “7 Outfits for Your Week” series / by CHLOE WEN

With 140,000 subscribers on YouTube, fashion creator Chloe Wen has built a multi-six-figure business primarily through affiliate links.

How? Affiliate links—which enable creators to earn a commission from viewers clicking on their unique links to buyable products—can net creators anywhere from 5–20% of click-through sales. Those links live in Wen’s YouTube video descriptions permanently and have compounded over time.

“That’s more powerful than thousands of views because instead of getting [paid based on AdSense CPMs], you’re getting a commission on a sale, so I think there’s a lot of untapped potential there,” Wen told us.

For example:

  • Wen has an evergreen video about how to tuck in a sweater that has spiked in views every fall since it was published three years ago.

  • She’s continued to earn commissions from the links in the video’s description even if the featured products are no longer available. As long as a user buys something after clicking through to a seller using Wen’s link, she earns a commission.

FYI: YouTube and TikTok targeted affiliate links last month by removing external links in short-form videos’ descriptions.

The changes haven’t really affected Wen’s bottom line, as most of her Shorts 1) are repurposed longform videos and 2) link to her longform videos, where the affiliate links live.

“I try to encourage other small creators that it's not about how big you are, it's about who your engaged audience is. Get to know them really well. Are they buyers? What’s their price point? Are you able to target people?” Wen said. “They’re trusting you and they know that you’ll provide them with the products they want to see.”

AI Roundup: Google and Adobe Reinvent Core Offerings

Adobe teases its expansion from photo generative fill (top) to video while Google releases its DALL-E/Midjourney competitor (bottom) / Adobe, Google

Last week, two of the biggest software companies revealed major generative AI updates for some of their most popular products. The rundown for creators:

  • Adobe announces Generative Fill…for video. Dubbed “Project Fast Fill” during a demo, the new tool lets video editors add or remove objects (like a shirt tie, for example) or change a video’s background using a simple text prompt. Generative Fill for photos became a staple for Photoshop users when it debuted in May—and once Fast Fill rolls out in Premiere Pro, it could help creators quickly test different visuals and cut time from their video editing workflows.

  • Google introduces prompt-based image generation. The company is rolling out a DALL-E/Midjourney alternative right in its trademark search engine. The new feature, which is currently available to beta testers, allows users to search for something (such as “draw a picture of a capybara wearing a chef’s hat”) and generate up to four images—with each providing descriptive, editable text details. For creators, it’s another way to quickly ideate and visualize potential projects, shots, and designs, all baked into the world’s most popular search engine.

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The Truth About Building a Successful Creator Business

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Unwell Network Inks Ad Sales Deal with Spotify

Alex Cooper’s Unwell podcast network signs on Spotify as its ad sales partner / Alex Cooper

Alex Cooper’s podcast network Unwell has enlisted Spotify to serve as the network’s ad sales partner across shows, Variety reported last week.

Context: In 2021, Cooper signed a three-year, $60M partnership with Spotify that brought her hit podcast Call Her Daddy and its episode library exclusively to the platform.

What it means: While Unwell—which so far produces podcasts from creators Alix Earle and Madeline Argy—is only a couple months old, the early success of Earle’s show appears to bode well for the deeper relationship between Cooper and Spotify.

According to Variety, the new ad sales partnership may also extend to future series developed by Unwell.

👀 Creator Moves

  • Kize Bae is looking for a video editor to help with long-form challenge videos.

  • The Unlazy Way is hiring a video editor to work on outdoor videos.

  • The Kenny Beecham Podcast is looking for a part-time producer to help make basketball content.

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