Creators Get a Google Upgrade

Google’s latest keynote shares ChatGPT-competitive updates

Good morning. #WesAnderson recently surpassed 1 billion views on TikTok, and the trend mimicking the director’s bright, symmetrical style has expanded beyond TikTok creators into AI-generated filmmaking and art. It makes us wonder what filmmaker will be imitated en masse next…Quentin Tarantino? Greta Gerwig? The Coen brothers?

How Creators Can Use Google’s New AI Tools

Google CEO Sundar Pichai at Google I/O

This week, Google and YouTube parent company Alphabet hosted its annual Google I/O conference, revealing AI updates that could significantly impact creators’ workflows.

The highlights for creators:

  • Adobe Firefly, a suite of text-to-image tools, is coming to Bard (Google’s ChatGPT equivalent). This could help creators come up with visual storytelling ideas and thumbnail designs.

  • Google is launching AI integration across the Google Workspace—meaning your Docs, Sheets, Gmail, and Slides will all feature AI prompts that could write job descriptions, build checklists, and answer brand emails.

  • Google is testing a Universal Translator that redubs video in a new language while also syncing the speaker’s lips to correspond to the new words. The tool is expected to launch on YouTube soon, which means recording in a new language or redubbing lines in post production could become a thing of the past.

  • Google is testing a feature that functions like an AI notebook—creators can upload a document to Google Drive and the AI will pull out big themes and topics to explore. A tool like this could help with researching stories and brainstorming video ideas.

Zoom out: Creators like MKBHD, Sara Dietschy, and Peter Hollens are part of a growing cohort openly using AI to make content. Google’s updates might expand that list even further.

Read the room: Microsoft recently integrated its Bing search engine with Open AI’s ChatGPT. Though Google has long been the top platform for search, these AI updates suggest it’s looking to stay competitive across the board, from short-form video to generative AI.

Tucker Carlson Heads to Twitter

Tucker Carlson / Twitter

After being ousted by Fox News last month, former cable news host Tucker Carlson will debut a new version of his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” talk show on Twitter, he announced via tweet on Tuesday.

It’s currently unclear how the controversial Carlson plans to distribute or monetize the show through Twitter.

  • FYI: Twitter Blue subscribers are able to post hourlong videos.

  • A new paid subscription feature allows creators to charge followers monthly for exclusive content.

Big picture: No media commentator of Carlson’s stature has ever tried to run a Twitter-first content operation, leading some to suspect that Twitter CEO Elon Musk brokered a special deal with Carlson (a claim Musk denied).

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Creators at the Movies

Danny Gevirtz / YouTube

This week, several creators shared different roadmaps to move their work from phone screens to the big screen—from indie short films to chart-topping blockbusters.

  • Tanner Ray released his short film An Oklahoma Summer. After premiering the coming-of-age story at a drive-in movie theater in March, the Oklahoma-based creator rolled it out to Patreon donors last Saturday and debuted the film on his YouTube channel on Wednesday.

  • Danny Gevirtz held a private screening for his feature film I Think I’m Sick. In a vlog he uploaded this week, Gevirtz interviewed audience members at the theater (including those who backed the crowd-sourced film) to get their candid, overwhelmingly positive reviews.

  • Kai Cenat enters the Fast and Furious universe. Twitch’s top streamer confirmed that he’ll be voicing the narrative intro for the upcoming Fast X movie soundtrack.

🔥 Press Worthy

  • Susi Vidal, the TikTok food creator, launches her own beer with a Colorado brewery.

  • Caryn Marjorie, the Snap creator, debuted an AI avatar that offers virtual companionship.

  • NFL stars Jason and Travis Kelce welcome Chiefs head coach Andy Reid to their New Heights podcast.

  • An AI-generated Frank Ocean song sells for $4,000.

  • Audio-only podcasts on YouTube are struggling.

  • Colin and Samir break down several ways creators make money for Rolling Stone.

  • A brand deal that offers more than just cash or free product? Fiverr's creator program also offers credits you can use towards building your creator career.*

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The content we’re looking forward to reading, watching, and listening to this weekend.

  • The sequel to 2017’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released today. The Ringer broke down how the best-selling video game influenced the industry’s appetite for open-world games.

  • Answer In Progress celebrates reaching 1 million subscribers and explains the inner workings of the YouTube algorithm in a fun and engaging way.

  • Media podcast People vs Algorithms

    discusses whether ambient media—content that only asks for partial attention, but still establishes a human connection—can be a successful competitive advantage for creators amidst the rise of AI.

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