Who is Bobbi Althoff, Really?

Inside the rise of podcast creator Bobbi Althoff

Good morning. After four years of operating without a recommendation algorithm, creator-owned streaming platform Nebula recently announced that it’s building a “public beta” algorithm with input from creator partners and audience members. “The best way we can do this is being as transparent as possible throughout the process,” Nebula CEO Dave Wiskus told us.

We’re curious: If you were building an algorithm for a content platform from scratch, what would you prioritize?

How Bobbi Althoff Got the Drake Interview

Bobbi Althoff on the BFFs podcast (left) / YouTube. Althoff (bottom right) interviewed rapper Drake (top right) on her podcast, The Really Good Podcast, in July / YouTube

The mystery of TikTok creator and podcast sensation Bobbi Althoff has gotten a little clearer this week after Althoff appeared on the Barstool BFFs podcast to share how she secured that viral Drake interview, transitioned from mom creator to podcaster, and makes a living.

The highlights:

“I do pretend to be an industry plant,” Althoff said about the rumors of her securing an interview with Drake and going viral from seemingly nowhere. But Althoff said she got the Drake interview through luck and timing—she DMed him after he liked one of her interviews with comedy creator Funny Marco and followed her.

It feels fast because it is. Althoff (who had 3 million followers on TikTok as a mom creator before launching her show, The Really Good Podcast) started doing interviews in April.

  • Althoff credits her interview with actor and comedian Rick Glassman in June as the kickstart to her success.

  • One growth hack? She paid fans $300 if the guests they suggested agreed to come on her show.

  • FYI: Earlier guests included Colleen Ballinger and Michael Bublé, but Althoff deletes videos if they don’t “pop off.”

On life after Drake: Following the episode’s success, Althoff signed to talent agency WME, where she’s working with a team of 15 who filter inbound interview requests and help choose her next guest.

Is she getting paid? Althoff said she’s still waiting on payments from YouTube and TikTok, counting down the days until August 15 when she gets paid for the last 30 days in TikTok’s Creator Fund.

“TikTok pays a lot now,” Althoff said. “People think I'm joking about being in debt but I put every penny I had into the podcast, where I’ve been traveling, and paying for a nanny.”

Zoom out: Althoff’s surge in popularity comes at a time when deeply personal and often unorthodox interview shows like Chicken Shop Date and Hot Ones are becoming the go-to for celebrities apprehensive or bored of traditional sit-down press.

Minecraft Introduces Controversial Content Guidelines

Minecraft publisher Mojang tightens guidelines on content that includes its game / Illustration by Moy Zhong

In a controversial move among gaming creators, Minecraft publisher Mojang updated the game’s community guidelines last week to limit server customizability and the use of the game’s logos and other forms of branding in creators’ content.

The line creators are most upset about? “All permissions and consents are given by us at our discretion and may be revoked at any time…if we don’t like what you are doing,” Mojang wrote.

Context: Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time and has over 140 million monthly active players. That has spawned a mega-popular gaming content niche with top creators like Dream and CaptainPuffy.

Under the new guidelines, creators cannot…

  • Use Minecraft as the “primary title” for content or products—i.e. “Minecraft: the ultimate help app” doesn’t fly.

  • Include “adult” features (like guns and gambling) in custom-built virtual worlds within Minecraft.

  • Run in-person Minecraft events that turn a profit from sponsorships.

Zoom out: Creators and fans have criticized gaming companies recently for attempting to control creative work (see also: Nintendo copyright-striking Zelda gameplay videos on YouTube), particularly when that content drives massive interest in games like Minecraft.

“I never would have thought things would get this bad from such small and insignificant issues this company decided to die on,” one user commented on Reddit.

TikTok-Fueled Riot Breaks Out in London

Former TikTok personality Mizzy in his music video for “Tiktok Terror” / YouTube

London’s very busy Oxford Street was overtaken by riots earlier this week after TikTok prankster Bacari-Bronze “Mizzy” O’Garro (whose account is now deactivated) encouraged viewers to rob a local JD Sports clothing store.

Context: Mizzy has become infamous for his dangerous stunts, which include sneaking into strangers’ homes, storming the field during the Sidemen’s charity match, and stealing dogs. These acts have gotten him arrested multiple times.

This isn’t the first time Mizzy has taken to Oxford Street. Last month, he led a group of people in stealing from the area’s Primark clothing store.

So far, nine people were reportedly arrested during the attempted JD Sports looting. Mizzy is set to appear in court next month for a previous offense—his punishment for the JD Sports riot is yet to be determined.

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